Hi there.


I’m James, a bisexual, nonbinary Filipino-American freelance essayist and reporter who writes about A Lot Of Things, but mostly pop culture, sex and Being Extremely Online. I do this on a semi-regular basis for them.¬†I’ve also written for publications such as Slate, Bustle, Wear Your Voice, StarTrek.com and more.

I also do social media content creation, digital strategy and other communications work. I’ve worked with people like Jehmu Greene and organizations such as Planned Parenthood of NYC, the LGBT Community Center (also in NYC), Dame Magazine and Raw Signal Group.

I’m currently dipping my toes into the world of publishing at Bold Type Books, a project of Hachette / Type Media Center that publishes radical nonfiction.

I founded Molasses, a new music publication by, for and about people of color and other ethnic minorities, and I also write my own music. I love to make Good Posts in my spare time, and I occasionally send out a newsletter to this end as well. You can find my birth chart here!

Interested in working with me? Drop me a line at jrfactora@gmail.com.